11 ways to turn your lingerie into an outerwear accessory

We have all seen the boom of ‘lingerie-as-outerwear’ movement, and we must admit we adore the idea wholeheartedly—not only for the style aesthetics but for its sustainable attributes too.
To start with, you don’t need to have a wardrobe full of clothes or a new shopping list to enjoy the benefits of a unique lingerie inspired look. Only a handful of pieces you like or haven’t worn for a while and needs a stylish touch.

Open your wardrobe, get a dress out, dust off, pick a favourite underwear and start layering! For this, a simple bra with an interesting detail or a piece of harness would do perfectly.
If you haven’t got a harness yet, we advise you to buy consciously and pick a style and colour with easy pairing, such as those with neutral tones and Earth colours.
Unless you want to be more adventurous and decide to invest into more colours for wider styling options but your eco-warrior consciousness kicks in- we remind you that all our collection items are plant dyed and zero waste- you and the Planet can finally sigh.

So, let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?

White Lingerie Body styling with luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space
Luqrécia Spring

How many times have you seen a gorgeous lacy lingerie and talked yourself out of it because you were told it has only one purpose, in one place only: your bedroom.
Well, we have a different idea and let us demonstrate it.
Firstly, every piece we make is designed with versatility in mind, so you can show off your beloved garment anywhere and everywhere you go, this is key.
Luqrécia lace body is a perfect example of a lingerie becoming a statement piece of an outerwear attire transcending the look into a whole new dimension. Select a smart suit, high-waisted short and knee-high boots in matching colour to style Luqrècia. Needless to say, if you feel like your look is a little over the top, close the suit and choose to wear regular pants instead of shorts. This body has lace appliquéd positioned over the nipples, no bra needed. This attire can send a flirty message on a date night or gain a few admiring gazes on a formal event.

White Lingerie Body styling with luxury gold jacket outerwear clothing with white background in space
Luqrécia Midnight

Who told you that an elegant Chantilly lace body can’t be part of a badass look?
Not us for sure… Luqrécia Midnight can the perfect companion to a low-cut, airy slip dress, daringly showing off those intricate lace appliqué details and shiny Swarovski crystal embellishment. If you find this look too daring, we suggest you to pop a gold metallic jacket on with matching boots and a clutch bag to finish the look. If metallic is not your cup of tea, just pick a classic black colour palette.

Black harness and black Mugler styling with luxury black outerwear clothing with white background in space
BDSM- for B.D.ASS Mademoiselle

Now that we are getting you ready for a provocative evening attire, Cara Body will be your bet when it comes to an eye-catching styling choice. The following three looks will focus on versatile uses of this stunning strappy piece, first off BDSM. This look is for the fearless woman, who likes plenty of attention and extravaganza, jaw-dropping approach. A black, cut out dress with nude mesh panels and harness under-layer peaking through is the ultimate sophistication- still leaving plenty for the imagination, of course. We suggest a mono-colour combination, but a nude harness would do just about do too!

Black harness Body styling with luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space
Evening Leisure

By now we demonstrated a few ideas how lingerie- when styled correctly, can entirely transform an otherwise ordinary everyday look.
We take a plain nude crop-top as an example matched with a black Cara Body and a pair of loose, high-rise wet pants. Nude is sophisticated on its own- adding the extra element of harness strap details will create a semi-casual ‘WOW’ effect. By changing your shoes, you can essentially wear this look out strolling down the street with a black jacket on or with a pair of high-heels dancing the night away.

Red Lingerie Body styling with luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space

Romance the designer's favourite look. Red and neutral colour matching are trending now. Why? Because red represents fire, nudes are subtle earth tones and the two combined create the perfect balance of peace and chaos.
Now, let’s go deeper into the fine anatomy of this look. As a base layer, we picked a semi-sheer nude mesh dress layered over our red Cara Body. This look alone in a well-lit room may bring more attention than needed. To avoid such unnecessary occurrences, we suggest adding a nude Carmen Bra or a 3D cut Stephanie Santos creation to cover your nipples. If you still feel a little too naked, try to wear a shiny taffeta long red jacket to complete the look.

Now, let’s say it: a neutral colour mesh dress is certainly not for the faint of heart, mainly when styled with a contrasted red harness-body that gently shows its alluring silhouettes through the fine weaves of fabric. Heads will turn, be prepared. 

Denim outfit nude Lingerie harness styling with luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space
Ancient Denim

After a steamy night styled in ‘Romance’, let’s look at two very unlikely combos, namely denim and our Ophelia set.
Most of us adore the striking silhouettes of harnesses, no doubt. When a delicate, nude-colour harness with Chantilly lace detail decorating the décolletage area showing from underneath a sturdy denim corset is more than unexpected, eye-catching, amusing. This combined with an asymmetrical dip-cut denim skirt with a peak of your harness is match made in heaven. Easy styling with flat sandals for a casual meet up or with a pair of high-heel sandals and a long denim jacket for a cooler evening. 

Black harness Lingerie styling with luxury black outerwear clothing with white background in space
Classic Elegance

We now know, layering details is key.
While our nude Ophelia set in ‘Ancient Denim’ created a subtle texture perfectly blending with the skin; Classic Elegance shows a different side of Ophelia.
The softness and floral details of this harness would be a shame to hide. So, we again pick a black dress with daring cut out detail (no mesh), around the front collar and hip-to-waist area.
The carefully tailored panels of the dress prevent your intimate part from being exposed, however if you are still hesitant, you can add one of our clip-on Carmen mesh cups to the harness for a layered effect (yes boobies have the tendency to pop out at the most unexpected moments).

Nude Lingerie harness set styling with pink luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space

Yes, well… we all buy into those gorgeous, heart-warming, petal-colour dresses we spotted in the boutique window. Wear it once or twice and won’t wear it again because all your friends have seen it by now and you may move onto buying yet another dress (we must admit, this is real sometimes). Since you are conscious buyer, we encourage you to dig out that old dress and do a styling hack. You will only need a harness with simple style lines- for this instance Ela is our most favoured choice.
Remember, earth tones are your go-to colour if you want easy matching with bright colour garments. A nude Ela set with a petal pink, collar cut-out dress completed with a handful of floral accessories is everything you need on a hot summer day, munching on ice cream with your homies. 

Red harness Lingerie Body styling with luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space
My Country

Ela is the key accessory of this look, inspired by elements of cowboy aesthetics. If a cowboy jacket and boots aren’t part of your collection yet, don’t worry!
A madder-dyed red Ela goes equally well with any white cropped or collar-cut top (make sure the cut is deep enough so the Swarovski crystal on the under-bust can reveal itself) and an asymmetrical low-waist skirt. If you feel more playful, raise the harness brief higher towards to your waist area to elevate your outfit. Crystals are a key elements of all our harnesses, try to expose them as much as you can! They are truly eye-catching under the sun, even spotlights! Select a white jacket for a breezier day. 

red harness Lingerie styling with luxury red dress outerwear clothing with white background in space

The ultimate sophistication.
A full-on red attire for a special occasion is provocative, yet endlessly elegant- be ready to become the highlight of the night.
We have a new harness style here, perhaps the most dazzling of all: Moniqué. Moniqué can be styled with ease when it comes to an exquisitely cut, off-shoulder dress. Try to pick a dress with a side slit, a bit more flesh doesn’t hurt! For a bolder look, you can even show some of your strappy brief details, of course… with caution. If you overdo it, you might have your huha exposing itself (unless you wear a matching or a nude Carmen string).
We love Monique, dearly. Those stunning sparkly crystals details are to die for, a true statement harness designed to decorate your upper-collar area.
Pop a pair of red or nude high-heels on and indulge yourself in those admiring male gazes. 

black Lingerie harness styling with black luxury outerwear clothing with white background in space

Our very final look, Midnight- inspired by the feminine, the rebel, a true diamond in the night, the black orchid.
We take Monique again for this look, those precious crystal details are not to be missed if you are on your way to a date or a fancy rooftop bar.
Since you now built enough courage to wear freely whatever your heart desires- we confidently suggest you to grab that lacy low-cut camisole or latex corset out of your dusty draws and wear them over your harness bra. Same with the bottom, find a high-slit skirt to show some of your harness brief, we are out for the starring eyes!
Perhaps the biggest advantage of this look lies its abundant ways of styling. You can wear this look with a flat knee-length gladiator sandals or heels with a jacket to meet up with your friends.

Now, you are equipped with a few handy ideas on how to turn your everyday/ smart dresses into a goddess gear with a simple tweaking of lingerie elements. Be adventurous, creative, use your imagination, there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself. You are you! Explore yourself freely and abundantly.

Ps: all outerwear pieces are gathered from www.farfetch.com, featuring high-fashion, luxury clothing. It is the most convenient platform to select a wide array of garments (for the sake of visual demonstration purposes). Most of these garments may be out of your budget and there is absolutely no need to stick them on your shopping list.

We highly encourage you to look inside your wardrobe and use your already existing garments or visit second-hand shopping platforms, like Ebay or Vinted; alternatively, your local vintage store (yes, we absolutely LOVE those!!!!).

Enjoy x

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