"To plant trees is to give body and life to one's dream a better future." - Russel Page

As a sustainable label dying with plants, we are in a daily contact with nature and we know first hand that Mother Nature is short on trees.

Trees are here to produce more oxygen, clean the air and our hearts by providing us their soothing frequencies we all need (PS: we love forest bathing!).

In order to take action, in 2022 we reached out to Ecologi©— a trusted, certified organisation actively combatting climate change by planting trees and funding the world's best carbon offsetting solutions all across the Globe.

Image: Reforestation projects in Scotland, with the Future Forest Company, link here (2021, Scotland), Ecologi

'Ecologi© has helped millions of individuals and businesses have a positive impact on the environment, installing solar panels and wind farms, and investing in infrastructure for communities all around the world. You can view our Ecologi© profile here to learn more about how your money is being used, where trees are being planted and the exact projects you are helping to fund through our donations.'

You can find out more Ecologi's current projects through their impact reportfinance reports and revenue reports.
Let's talk about trees and tree planting benefits in facts
A mature tree absorbs an average of 21.7kg of carbon dioxide a year.
Clothing is responsible for large amounts of carbon released into the environment, studies have shown the average carbon footprint of the following garments:
  • Average cotton T-shirt - 15kg CO2 eq
  • Average pair of Jeans - 33.4kg CO2 eq
  • Polyester jacket - 18kg CO2 eq
  • An average pair of underwear - 1.9kg CO2 eq ( 


One tree will be planted for every item sold on the Qrucifix online shop (equivalent donation value $0.33 USD). Refunded items will not be eligible for tree planting donations. Donations will be made on the customer's behalf on a monthly basis to Ecologi©. We reserve the right to change the donation type at any time. The donation made on the customer's behalf is non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable and there is no cash or voucher alternative.

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