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Artículo: Serving Realness - Cold Turkey

Serving Realness - Cold Turkey

Serving Realness - Cold Turkey

In recent days, AI has become more popular than ever, offering tools for creating visuals without any skills required, even for businesses. However, that's not us.

This blog post is dedicated to our intentions: serving realness, cold turkey.


We are aware of the issue rising in the industry, where professional artists—digital creators, videographers, graphic designers, models (and the list goes on)—find themselves in a challenging situation where their jobs may be at risk with the introduction of artificial intelligence. While we promote progression and innovation, we have made the conscious decision to work only and exclusively with industry professionals. Real-life, never AI.

Qruci & AI 

When it comes to our ethics, we stand for authenticity. While we acknowledge that AI can be an incredibly useful tool, it can also lead to a lack of the unique human touch we all highly value.

As part of all our processes, we will always be:

  • Working with real-life models 
  • Hiring professional photographers
  • Renting physical venues
  • Retouching images by hand
  • Writing all blog posts ourselves
  • Answering all your queries (including live-chat) by a human (us).

Why did we choose to go the organic way?

Because we believe you must see how the pieces look on a real flesh-and-blood human to have a clear overview of the garment's features, leading to better buying decisions. Details are also crucial—AI will never be able to replicate intricate lingerie as effectively as a professional DSLR camera can, due to the richness of details, shine, and texture.

Additionally, we firmly believe AI models come off as low-quality, low-effort shortcuts to hiring professionals. Budget is not everything, and we actually love working with industry professionals!


While we choose not to use AI for our product/campaign images and communication, there is one area where we plan to implement artificial intelligence: fitting and styling.

Often, you may find yourself wondering if your chosen garment would fit your shape or how the pieces you picked could be styled.

This area could be well explored with AI, helping you style your pieces or choose the correct fit, providing a safer online shopping experience.

Final Word

All details and visuals you see on our website are created by a handful of highly skilled professionals filled with passion for their jobs. This kind of passion cannot be replaced by AI—you can feel it, see it—and this shall never be an area to compromise on. If you have any questions, please write to us here.

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