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Custom Fit

We allow custom fit requests to accomodate for uniquely engineered bodies and measurements; or if you are just unsure about your size selection. Simply leave a note in the line section below the size selection chart or email us your measurements and we will make sure your pieces will fit like a pair of gloves.

If you selected 'Custom' as your size, we will need the following measurements in cm or inches: 

Bras: Bust and Underbust
Briefs: Hips and Waist
Bodies: Bust, Underbust, Hips and Waist
Leg pieces: Thighs
Chokers: Neck
Gloves: Upper-arm width and full arm length

For guidance on how to measure, please see our Size Guide.
Our ethical production manages all steps of the garment construction in-house. This means minor tweaks are easily executed and are free of charge. We do not allow design modifications as of current stage. 
Please note, 'Custom' orders cannot be returned for an exchange as these pieces were specifically tailored to your unique body measurement. See our T&C's for more.