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Ethical Production

A tight-knit ethical production, proudly based at Morley Mills, UK.

Transparent Supply Chain

Following an ethical business model, we feel more comfortable and in control by keeping the entire production line—including sourcing, dyeing, cutting, sewing, and shipping—under one roof in Nottingham, UK.

We currently partner with highly-qualified local women who have been in the trade long enough to assemble high-quality, long-lasting lingerie with their eyes closed.


Our mission is to create high-quality products that last while upholding exceptional sustainable practices, focusing on both waste reduction and recycling.


Morley Mills is a historic building with a two-decade-long history in hosiery manufacturing. The site exudes a remarkable aura that is both inviting and inspiring, creating a desire to become part of its legacy. We’ve achieved our primary objective: establishing a studio that welcomes all and provides a sense of belonging to everyone who joins us on our journey.

Image ref.: Morley Mills, Nottingham, UK