Sustainability isn't just a fancy word in our dictionary. We have set strict rules which we live, work and act by. It is built into our DNA, built into us. All our collection items sold online are:
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We love animals, ALIVE.
As part of all our collections, we chose to use only cruelty-free, ethically sourced materials; excluding both fur, leather, wool even silks. 
We shall keep it that way, forever. Sharp.
Natural dyes are Mother nature's gift to colour our world. Current dye colours come from Myrobalan, Madder root and Turmeric. By using plant pigments, we can effectively reduce waste water emission by 98% and lower our carbon footprint by 80%. 
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Plant dyes are- by nature, nourishing and kind to the skin, therefore hypoallergenic. Plant pigments tackle most health related issues caused by mainstream dyes, including: skin irritation and hormonal disruption. We love plant dyes- hope you do too.
As an ethical business we ensure all areas of the production is safe, efficient and all our people are treated fairly, providing everyone a safe, secure working environment. No compromises, ever.
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In order to flourish you need to nourish. This equally applies to our natural environment, animals, insects; and most of all- ourselves.
By maintaining strict sustainable measures, we allow our bodies and mother nature to take a deep breath to rejuvenate and regain its power.
Prior to any design process, we like to take a look at some statistics and we found that 67% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, 56% of them would ditch wired bras for good. We took these stats into account and added an extra signature feature: detachable & adjustable back panels. This way, bra cups can also be removed, meaning that you can freely swap designs based on your mood or occasion. 

What you will get: 
a well fitted bra;
• wire-free comfort & support;
• quality craftsmanship to ensure your bra stays with you for a while.
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Currently, our production line is running on a small scale, under one roof in the UK. This means, we can effectively monitor our carbon offset, any waste emission and recycling practises.
PS: we installed all energy sufficient electrical equipments in our studio, and 80% of all our materials are sourced from UK and Europe. We aim to soon be qualified by Carbon Neutral Britain.