Plant dyes are invited into the game for a good number of reasons. 
They are truly badass, and here is why: 
plants we use are naturally kind to the skin, as well as our environment— leaving no trace behind, only gorgeous colours bursting with joy, while dressing you with a truly unique shade, that cannot be replicated. The shade you have is dedicated to you & yours only. 

Plants we use now:

• Turmeric for Yellows
• Madder for Reds
• Myrobalan for Nudes & Greys

Mordants we use: 
• Tannin
• Iron
• Alum

These three plants are responsible for the following colours: Sand, Dove, Scarlet, Dandelion.
We created a blog to demonstrate the process on small scale. 

Eco Dyes

At Qrucifix, we like innovative concepts when it comes to dyes as long as it meets our strict sustainable standards, meaning no heavy-metals or harsh chemicals. Compromises are forbidden here. 

Low-impact dyed colours:
• Noir
• Teal
• Mauve
• Petal 
• Leaf
The above colours are achieved by Procion MX dyes.
As a sustainable label, transparency is highly regarded here and we are open about sharing our practises and products we chose to work with.

So why not using natural dyes for these colours instead of Procion MX?
The answer is rather simple: heat. 
If we were to create the above colours with natural dyes, we would need long hours of heat to achieve rich colours. This adds unnecessary carbon footprint to the process. 
Every colour created with plants as for now, require medium heat to achieve rich colours, for this reason, we keep them in the game for good. 

If you would like to know more about our practises, please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to share our processes with you.