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My name is Renata Kuti and I am the mother of two my beautiful girls: Manniqa and Qrucifix. 

Ever since I am aware of my existence, I loved dressing women and making them look beautiful. It filled my heart with warmth and light - and it still does.

There is a special spark about contributing to the beauty of fellow ladies and helping them regain their confidence - it feels like a therapy session where we are both healing. When two candle lights unite, the flame intensifies.

The human form - especially the female, is filled with curves and unique features, the most beautiful canvas I have ever seen. I honestly can't express in words the sheer joy I feel when this canvas is turned into an art piece - mind me, a Masterpiece. 

Taking care of the well-being of all beings - whether it be the mind or nature - I believe it runs in the blood line. Majority of my family members are humble humans: carers, nurses and paramedics. They helped me build good moral foundations.

Qrucifix has been created as a healing journey, where everyone is invited - and the creations we do, are just tools to remind you of your already existing God-given beauty you have - and always had. 
Welcome here!