Growing up in a small village, based in the rural countryside of Central Europe, nature and art have always been at my core.

As the daughter of a farmer and a nurse, hard work, respect for nature and value in caring for all life, are always carried in my heart and in my work ethic. Abstract artwork first captivated me in my early childhood, however my interest evolved to artistic design; exploring my own sense of style and creativity when it was not the ‘norm’ to do so.
My experience of a traditional and grounded countryside upbringing, paired with a love for embracing new and unusual concepts and ideas, prepared me to embrace life’s changes.

After a relocation to the UK and a touch of wondrous serendipity, I found myself studying lingerie design in London. 
With the success of my studies and debut project, my collection was showcased in London at the end of the year, with my design work and execution earning me an exciting opportunity to work internationally in Southern China. Here I began work overlooking the manufacturing of major fashion brands.
Witnessing the environmental damage being caused by the industry was devastating; from air pollutants, to heavily contaminated rivers and underpaid factory workers.

My perception of fashion as a thing of beauty had changed; I’d seen it’s ugly side. I decided then, I no longer wished to contribute to these ethics and left the ‘fast fashion’ industry to create alternative solutions, inspired to make change.

The concept of QRUCIFIX was conceived and born. After a decade, reaching the heights of my industry, I found a countryside environment which reflected my roots. I had grown so much and was ready to nurture my own ideas: to adapt to a new beauty standard; one enriched and supported with a natural philosophy in its soul.

QRUCIFIX is loved like a child by me, I’m inspired for all our future can hold if we continue to raise our collective power to embrace what’s naturally best, allowing Mother Earth to rejuvenate ♥️
—Renata K.