We are one very the few fashion labels in the world to leverage the true benefits of surplus materials. Surplus is often called deadstock/ production left over. This material is essentially pre-consumer waste whereas a fashion house orders excess fabric to cover production and other losses.

Why Surplus?

Let's start with visualisation first. Imagine that there is a fabric out there which uses absolutely zero natural resources to produce, people to manufacture, and causes no harm to animals or other living creatures during production. Now, this is surplus. 

Core benefits: 
• No land or pesticides to grow
• Zero-waste generated
• Zero chemicals & water used to dye
• No labour to produce
• Absolutely no carbon footprint created

How is it possible? Because this a ready-produced fabric, that has ran through the production and turned out to be over-produced excess. We supply these materials from our trusted UK-based supplier in order to avoid even more waste on our landfills.
Now, bear in mind it may appear in the consumer's mindset that surplus is somewhat of a second hand, low-quality, or damaged fabric; in fact this material is very much like its raw stock version, it's just not needed anymore.
You can read more here.

In addition we use: 
• Lyocell Bamboo (UK)
• French Chantilly laces from organic cotton (France)
• GRS Certified Recycled Polyamide elastics (Hungary)
• 24K gold plated components (France)

Surplus Mesh

Light & Breathable
Surplus aka dead-stock; is one of the most sustainable fabric choices out there. It requires no pesticides to grow, creates zero waste-water and low Co2 emission.

Lyocell Bamboo

Soft & Antibacterial
Uses 80% less water than cotton, reduces carbon footprint by 35% and requires no pesticides to grow. We use bamboo for the gusset part on your undies.

Chantilly Lace

Natural & Delicate
Intricate details from the finest organic cotton yarns, blended with recycled Polyamide for extra stretch and higher comfort. 

Recycled Elastics

Smooth & Comfortable
Recycled elastics create 65% less Co2 emission and 78% less chemicals than virgin polymers. Our elastics are soft, smooth and skin-friendly.

Zamak Components

Washable & Anti Allergen
Our zamak components are 24K gold plated, anti allergen, skin friendly and washable. 


A Vision to Care

Besides choosing environmentally sustainable materials, there are other ways we are striving to improve the fashion sector- including the introduction of plant & low-impact dyes as part of all our collection items; transparent supply chain & ethical production.