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Sustainable Materials

We are committed to using environmentally sustainable materials, because a good design shouldn't cost the Planet. 

Surplus - Qrucifix

At first glance, you might not notice, but all our mesh lingerie pieces are crafted from surplus materials supplied by our trusted long-term partner, located just a stone's throw from our studio.

Surplus, also known as deadstock, is leftover fabric from factory overproduction or overstock from fashion houses. Our deadstock mesh specifically comes from factory overproduction, ensuring we have a seasonal supply of their 'fresh' excess materials.

Deadstock material benefits:

  • No land or pesticides to grow
  • Zero-waste generated
  • Zero chemicals & water used to dye
  • No labour to produce
  • Absolutely ground zero carbon footprint created 

Lyocell Bamboo - Manniqa

If heaven had a second name, it would be called Bamboo. Soft, breathable, and antibacterial—moreover, sustainable. We can positively confirm that Lyocell Bamboo, in particular, is the second most sustainable material available today, right after deadstock. Bamboo requires 80% less water than cotton, reduces the carbon footprint by 35%, and needs no pesticides to grow. The Lyocell technique, on the other hand, employs a closed-loop process using a non-toxic solvent, amine oxide, to break down bamboo pulp.


We use 18K gold plated zamak components throughout our collections. Zamak is fully anti-allergen and washable.

Crystal Elements

As part of all our collection pieces, we are committed to using genuine Swarovski and Preciosa crystal elements sourced from trusted UK suppliers. 

Chantilly Laces (coming soon)

Our French Chantilly laces we plan to introduce are surplus limited leftovers from designer houses, sourced directly from France. These laces are fresh out of the wrapper and have never been used.