As an ethical label, our prime focus is to build a safe environment for all by implementing sustainable practises into our small business model. These practises are strict rules which we live, work and act by. It is built into our DNA, built into us.


We love animals, ALIVE.
As part of all our collections, we chose to use only cruelty-free, ethically sourced materials. Zero fur, leather, wool or silks. 
We shall keep it that way, forever. Sharp.

Plant Dyed

All our pieces are plant or low-impact eco dyed free from chemicals and heavy-metals. By dyeing sustainably, we effectively reduce waste water emission by 98% and carbon footprint by 80%. Current colours are achieved by Myrobalan, Madder, Turmeric, Procion MX dyes and mineral modifiers. Plant Dyes. 

Ethical Production

A small in-house, made-to-order production— quality from start to finish. We ensure all areas of the production are safe, efficient and our ladies are treated fairly, providing everyone a safe, secure working environment. No compromises, ever. UK based. Learn more.


Online shopping can be daunting sometimes, mainly when it comes to lingerie. In order to create a safer experience here, we chose quality stretch fabrics to follow your curves and implemented adjustable strap feature for a truly tailored fit. Blueprint.

Zero Waste

All our polymer fibers come from recycled or surplus sources from our very trusted UK & EU suppliers. We vigorously searched and found the best people out there, supplying us premium materials to ensure long lasting quality for your underwear. Our packaging is zero waste too! Our materials.

Co2 Neutral

Currently, our production line is running on a small scale, under one roof in the UK. This means, we can effectively monitor our carbon offset, waste emission and recycling practises. We are also Carbon Neutral Britain qualified business.

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