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Sustainable Materials
Introducing Surplus Materials & Sustainable Alternatives
Giving Mother Nature a Seat at the Table
Why Surplus?
Surplus is essentially deadstock. 
Material left over from large fashion houses' overproduction that cannot be used and otherwise would end up on landfills. 
We had a better idea though!
Currently, we are working in collaboration with UK's best and most trusted surplus supplier who provides us with quality materials that require: 
No Land or Pesticides to grow
Zero harmful chemicals
Absolutely No water to flourish
No harvesting or low-paid labour 
Fabrics & Components
The fabric and components are chosen responsibly from UK and France based suppliers who shared the same mindset as we do. Planet and our people first. 
Materials we are currently using:

bamboo underwear
Lyocell Bamboo
Soft & Antibacterial
Uses 80% less water than cotton, reduces carbon footprint by 35% and requires no pesticides to grow. We use bamboo for the gusset part on your undies.

Surplus Mesh
Light & Breathable
Surplus aka dead-stock; is one of the most sustainable fabric choices out there. It requires no pesticides to grow, creates zero waste-water and low Co2 emission.
Chantilly Lace
Natural & Delicate
Intricate details from the finest organic cotton yarns, blended with recycled Polyamide for extra stretch and higher comfort.
Recycled Elastics
Smooth & Comfortable
Recycled elastics create 65% less Co2 emission and 78% less chemicals than virgin polymers. Our elastics are soft, smooth and skin-friendly.

Zamak Components
Washable & Anti Allergen
Our zamak components are 24K gold plated, anti allergen, skin friendly and washable. 
Sustainability 2.0
Supporting a vision to CARE
Besides choosing environmentally friendly materials, there are other ways we are trying to improve the fashion sector, such as introducing plant dyes as part of every single item we create. Combining all our sustainable efforts, we are tackling climate change and promoting:
Clean Waterways
Clean Soil System
Fresh Air
Animal Welfare 
More in Depth
Lyocell Bamboo 
Lyocell is a natural, man made fibre. Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, lyocell textiles are created through the use of nanotechnology in an award-winning closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions.
Surplus Mesh\ Deadstock

Dead stock is inventory that is unsellable. A businesses may find itself with dead stock because it ordered or manufactured too many items and then found they didn't sell as anticipated. Dead stock can also include damaged items, incorrect deliveries, leftover seasonal products or expired raw materials. All deadstock mesh we use are Polyamide yarns, which are supplied undyed and unbleached.

Chantilly Lace
Chantilly is the most precious and most refined of laces. The lace we use is made from 75% OEKO-TEX100 certified Organic cotton blended with 25% recycled polyamide to provide extra stretch and comfort. 
Recycled Elastics
Recycled Nylons divert waste from landfills and its production uses much fewer resources than virgin nylon (including water, energy and fossil fuel). A large part of our recycled elastics produced comes from old/deadstock elastane from the same production house.
Zamak Components
Zamak is a type of zinc-alloy and. hypoallergenic material. It is also highly resistant to shock, wear and corrosion- washable and comfortable to wear.

Being in Good Hands
Manufacturers we chose to work with share the same core values as we do. It was our collective effort to find and dig out these good guys who are now providing us certified sustainable materials for all our current & upcoming collections.

OEKO-TEX100 Certified: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products (at all stages of production) tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

GRS Certified: The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.
Zero Waste Mission
We tweaked the conventional cardboard box designs and switched to premium quality, raw Angin cotton. 
This is our reusable, branded packaging design, featuring cotton rope, gold plated ring and Czech glass bead finishing.
So what's the concept behind it?
We love trees and we want to preserve them. 

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Every step on the way our production processes are being assessed and improved wherever possible. Our aim shall always be nurturing and preserving the environment for us and the generations coming.