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Plant Dyes
We adore plant dyes. Why?
Because they are badass.
Here to bring on the big time change. Change that has been around for thousands of years & now it's time to invite it back into the game.
Back to the Basics
A Conscious Journey
You probably know that the skin is the largest organ of your body. This pretty much acts like a giant sponge—anything that gets in direct contact with it absorbs.
Our main concern here are man-made chemical and acid-dyes which contain heavy-metals and other harsh chemicals like 
Formaldehyde, Fluoropolymers, Chrome, the list goes on. All these dyes are responsible for nasty side-effects, including: 
Skin Irritation
Hormonal Disruption 
UTI Infections
Long-term Illness
Natural Solutions
In order to avoid the nasty stuff, we turned to nature with a kick-ass idea. Plant dyes: barks, ground powders and roots. Plants currently in the game are: 
Mineral Modifiers
Dove Greys
Preserves vital functions of the body: balanced energy levels, gastrointestinal processes and the regulation of body temperature.
Madder Root
Treating general menstrual disorders and urinary tract disorders.
Effective for healing and treating wounds quickly, also decrease periods of epithelialisation.

Learn your Benefits


Plant dyes are nourishing and kind to the skin. That's just how they are being engineered— so you're shielded for good!


Plant Pigments do not contain, nor require any toxic chemicals that could harm you or the environment. They are purely wondrous as they are.


By using natural colourants, we are able to effectively reduce waste water and environmental footprint that otherwise would effects waterways, air and soil quality.

Colours sponsored by Nature.
Supporting Nature.
Forever, Lovingly 
Plant dyes are kind to our skin and the environment equally. Every bit of finely ground root and bark we use requires only heat and some natural mineral modifiers to achieve the desired colour.