They are autographs of angels, penned
In Nature’s green-leaved book, in blended tints,
Borrowed from rainbows and the sunset skies,
And written everywhere–on plain and hill,
In lonely dells, ‘mid crowded haunts of men;
On the broad prairies, where no eye save God’s
May read their silent, sacred mysteries. Thank God for flowers!
They gladden human hearts; Seraphic breathings part their fragrant lips
With whisperings of Heaven.
 -Albert Laighton
“when she started letting go, her vision became clearer. the present felt more manageable and the future began to look open and full of bright possibilities. as she shed the tense energy of the past, her power and creativity returned. with a revitalised excitement, she focused on building a new life in which joy and freedom were abundant.”   @yung_pueblo
“In this season of my life, I feel like I need to let go of this idea that everything I do has to be perfect. It is holding me back right now. Hesitation is no longer serving me. Let this be a sign for you to let go and just do what has been on your mind to do.” @moonandcheeze
“I often wonder what is art. Can a body be it? It probably depends on who is watching. Feeling free to express myself is something that pushes me inside, overcoming the fear of being judged” @imponderabile_

I don’t think existence wants you to be serious.
I have not seen a serious tree. I have not seen a serious bird. I have not seen a serious sunshine.
I have not seen a serious starry night. It seems they are all laughing in their own ways, dancing in their own ways. We may not understand it, but there is a subtle feeling that the whole existence is a celebration. @ayeshaophelia"As we grow in layers and align with our dreams, may we be reminded to connect to the Earth around and within us, to deepen our ritual of anchoring as we pave our paths in this lifetime."We wish you a lovely, blissful day xxx 

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