Be not afraid of Love/ 2022 💗

Some ideas on self-love that we are fed can be consumerist and hyper-individualistic. learning to love ourselves unconditionally is also learning to love each other. simultaneously and inseparably.
"When i am sentimental, i tend to idealise the past. writing “be not afraid of love” has been so difficult, and yet it has challenged me to see my relationships in their complicated and layered truths. my emotions are mutable and ever changing, especially in the face of heartbreak. i am grateful."


Commitments to the self — self love is not a final destination, nor is it a marketable goal. but it is something that aids us in realising that we owe ourselves the love we devote to others.


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"As we reach the symbolic significance of the year, I am reminiscing with fondness and grief. I am returning to many selves; the self who thrived yesterday and cried for hours the week before. I return to the hopefulness at the beginning of the past year and the moments of defeat I experienced later on. In my sentimental self-reflection, all these selves begin to merge and I realize that they were never separate to begin with. They were always looking out for each other, whispering guidance, protection and support into the now. The past, present and future are always n relation, constantly moving and marked by our memories. As I contemplate another year, I honor every moment that worked together to begin me to the miraculous now."
We are wishing you a lovely start for the year of 2022.
Sending lots of love from the HQ.  💗
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