Story & The China Experience

In this blog post, I will be writing in a simple, honest tone- based on my experience, backed up with evidence. 

1. Intro
2. Lingerie studies & Works
3. China experience
A.) Story 1
B.) Story 2
C.) Story 3

4. Qrucifix is born

So let's get into it. 

1. Intro

My name is Renata and I was born with a nature-loving heart. 
I barely turned 5. I was home from nursery and I noticed white 'things' sticking out in the green grass beside the pedestrian walk. 
Once I got home, I grabbed a bag and started collecting these 'things'- later finding out they were cigarette butts. It started back then. My mom didn't get it, now she does. 

2. Lingerie Studies & Works

Life's unexpected turns led me to relocate to the UK when I was 18, with no English skills but a burning desire to once live upto a childhood dream to become a fashion designer.
Over the first 3 years I gained a BTEC Theatrical costume design degree and was ready to start my BA Fashion Contour studies at London College of Fashion- following a friend's advise after having be rejected from 5 universities. So this is how lingerie came along. We can say it was a sheer accident. 

During my studies at LCF, I was involved in a number of collaborations, featured in magazines across Europe, UK and US. Worked for Wales based firm sampling Bordelle, Agent Provocateur, Edge O Beyond; worked as a technical designer for LA based brand 'For Love and Lemons' and finally landing a position in a senior designer role for Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein's Southern Chinese manufacturer. 

That's where the fun began. 

3. The China experience 

I spent 13 months in China, what I saw had changed my entire view of fashion- once beautiful, now became ugly. 

A.) Story 1

One morning, as if it happened yesterday, I decided to take a walk to work instead of taking the taxi. I followed the river beside the apartment to the factory that was always the colour of the season- black, dark blue, red.

I saw a man fishing from that river- normally to provide for his children or sell the off to nearby restaurants. In that instant I felt like being an underpaid hitman for a legalised serial killing firm- which commits murder against mother nature on a daily basis. 

As soon as I reached the HR office, I resigned. I was into the second week of my 3 year contract. After heavy convincing and a diplomatic threat, I decided to stay for 13 months.
The enormous environmental damage combined with animal cruelty had a great impact on me and I decided to start a brand that focuses on minimising waste water emission and embraces vegan aesthetics.

B. Story 2

A moth later, I had finally been granted an entry to see the water department. After weeks fo fighting to  gain permission the department of waste water management, I was finally granted an entry. I wore mask on my face, double layer. I took it off for 10 minutes to test the quality of the air. 20 minutes later I had to be taken out of the office back to my apartment and I was off for 3 days, feeling dizzy, vomiting. I nearly ended up in hospital. 
Offices are equipped  air purifying systems, but people who work in the manufacturing site are fully exposed to these harsh chemicals. 
The company could not care less about the wealthfare of their people. I still find this outrageous.  

C.) Story C

I attempted to introduce biodegradable fiber yarn for VS first sustainable collection. The head designers found the idea suitable for VS, the research lasted a month then head of manufacturing called it off, because the machinery set up would have been too expensive. Greed won yet again. 

In 2018, I took a plane and left China to return back to the rural countryside based in Central Europe.

Product development took place and lasted for over 2,5 years, needless to say I had no clue about natural dyes. I was also in charge of finding suppliers and gathering all which were like-minded. 

In order to achieve colours, I initially started a collaboration with a dye specialist but her rates were so high it could not be calculated into asking price for the lingerie. That was a turning point in the brand development. I decided to lock the doors of my studio and spent 2 months, developing colours myself day in and out- finally achieved pale and vivid colours. 

The brand was launched in 2021 Summer celebrating a successful start- evolving, developing just like children do. 

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