When you invest into quality underwear, it makes sense that you want to get as much long-term wear out of them as possible. Below, we are giving you a simple guide to effectively caring for your naturally dyed undies.

Washing Instruction
  1. Wash your garment in luke-warm water with neutral soap. We suggest home-made soaps that are fragrance and chemical-free. 
    *Make sure the soap you use is sodium bicarbonate-free since it can come into chemical reaction with the natural dye resulting in colour change. 
  2. Let it soak a little and gently rub, until stains are removed.
  3. Lay it down on a towel, armchair, or dry hang on fresh air.
  4. FOR BRAS- simply remove the clear taps of the apex clips. This will lengthen their life spa*Please Note: avoid direct sunlight as UV rays may affect the colour of the natural dye.
Useful Advice

If you are using chemical-free shampoo/soap for showering, feel free to give a clean to your undies whilst showering. Just remember to rinse and dry-hang afterwards (and make sure the product has zero sodium bicarbonate).

Additional Note

High levels of discharge acidity may effect the colour of the inline gusset. This is natural and should not be reflected on the outer layer of your underwear.