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Design Blueprint
Designed to fit. A Design to last.

Before we start a design process, we first like to look at stats. Based on our research, we found that 65% of women are wearing the wrong size bra and 54% would ditch the use of metal wires for good. 

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We came up with a solution and designed bras that are adjustable, wire-free and most of all- comfortable. The bra back element being detachable, you can now also Mix & Match across other bra designs, whatever your mood or occasion.

1. Wire-Free Support
Wired bras can contribute to discomfort, it presses the breast and often leaves red marks. Bras we make are wire-free, featuring reinforced underband to provide comfort and support throughout the day. 
2. Breathable Materials
Our responsibly sourced deadstock surplus mesh is breathable, sheer and comfortable- allowing plenty of stretch and a good fit. 
3. Silky Soft Elastics
We all love those stretchy undies with silky soft elastics. We took our time to source out the most comfortable, yet sturdy elastics that will last you a while! Comfort is guaranteed, no wear-marks, no dipping.
4. Antiallergen Components
We know some of you have sensitive skin and we have taken this into account! To save your skin from itching all day, we picked the finest French Zamak components that are anti-allergen and extremely durable- suitable for machine wash. They are also 24K gold plated, making it super pretty and elegant. 
5. Fully Adjustable
A fiddly factor: good fit and online shopping. We know both can be daunting sometimes. It is acknowledged and designs are executed accordingly. Our bras are stretchy- allowing plenty of move; and adjustable. A combination that provides the best fit and a safe online shopping experience. Job done.
6. Mix & Match Designs
Are you moody girl who wears whatever her mood dictates? We get that. Our bras are engineered in a way that cups can be removed, meaning you can freely swap around other bra designs- just as your heart desires. Mood swings are welcome in our house, you just go for it!

Exclusive access to close ups of our designs featuring 24K gold plated components, sheer mesh and silky soft elastics. Welcome.

Breathable mesh, combined with the softest elastics ever, finished with cover-stitch for the ultimate comfort.
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Benefit of Function

1. Reduced cost.
Once you own a bra from us, you only need to purchase the cup again. Once you have your cup ready, simply attach to the back panel you have. Easy Peasy.

2. Guaranteed fit— safer online shopping.
Online shopping can be daunting sometimes. Well, not anymore. Our bras are fully adjustable, undies super stretchy. It literarily moulds to your body shape.

3. Reduced use of polymers.
We use recycled elastics only, but there is always space for using less, mainly when you choose to buy a cup only as your second bra.