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Ethical Conduct

Our way to make things right.


We love animals, ALIVE.
Throughout all our collections, we opt for cruelty-free, ethically sourced materials. No fur, leather or wool. We are committed to maintaining this standard indefinitely. Sharp.


Eco-pigment dyes for the well being of all beings. Our sustainable dyes are cold wash cellulose fiber-reactive pigments, heavy-metal and toxin-free. Fully hypoallergenic and skin friendly. Eco-Pigment Dyes

Ethical Production

We operate a tight-knit production model based in the UK, where we dye, cut, sew, and ship all your orders. This allows us to carefully maintain the highest standards of quality to ensure the longevity of your pieces. Ethical Production

Sustainable Materials

We are committed to using environmentally sustainable materials only - because a good design shouldn't cost the Planet. Currently we are leveraging from the use of surplus and natural biodegradable materials. Sustainable Materials


We are not the greenwashing type of people. What we state here is how we do our business. Nothing less, nothing more but honesty and transparency throughout our operations.


Because some days you want classic comfort, and other days you prefer to feel fine wrapped in strappy lingerie—and that's perfectly okay with us. We strive to make sustainability inclusive and innovative, embracing every aspect of you as an empowered, boundless human being.